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Why it's important to respond to applications

Each year, SEEK Volunteer conducts a survey of volunteers who have submitted an expression of interest in an opportunity via the site. The purpose of this research is to understand what occurred after they expressed interest.

Approximately 66% of those who didn’t go on to volunteer reported that they did not receive a response from the organisation.

Not receiving a response is a key driver of future volunteer intentions. This means that they are far less likely to be motivated to find another opportunity.

SEEK Volunteer are introducing some features to prompt VIO’s to respond to your applicants to ensure that we maximise volunteer participation in the sector. These include -

  • A regular summary email to organisations that provides a list of open opportunities (and number of applications) due to expire in 1 week, with a reminder to respond
  • Promotion on your dashboard & the opportunity posting form reminding you of the importance of responding

In addition, we are introducing features to keep potential volunteers engaged in the process. These include –

  • An alert when their application has been viewed by your Organisation, so they have more clarity on the status of the process
  • Providing the volunteer with any additional information on the ‘application confirmation screen’ to ensure they don’t miss any potential next steps in the process (ie. some organisations require them to complete additional steps beyond those located on the SEEK Volunteer site)

Let’s maximise volunteer participation in the sector by responding to all volunteer applications.