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How we’re keeping your opportunities up to date

To improve the experience for potential volunteers, SEEK Volunteer has made some changes to ensure all the volunteer opportunities appearing on the site are relevant and available.

We have made changes to ensure that all opportunities have been modified in the last 3 months.

  1. When you post an opportunity, the expiry date defaults to a maximum of 3 months
  2. You will be prompted with an email as the expiry date of each of your opportunities approaches

We ask that you regularly review your opportunities and take one of the following actions –

  1. If the opportunity is no longer available – Close the opportunity
  2. If the opportunity is still active – review how you have written and classified the opportunity, then press Save
  3. Ensure the applications are going to the right person in the organisation – review/update the ‘Application email address

And don’t forget to respond to all expressions of interest. This ensures they remain interested in volunteering and more likely to continue to search for other suitable opportunities.

Thank you for helping us improve the experience for volunteers.