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FoxG1 foundation Australia

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FoxG1 Australia :We are a health promotion charity, working to raise awareness of, and to find a cure for those with FoxG1 syndrome. FoxG1 syndrome happens because of a DeNovo (Random) not inherited) mutation on the FoxG1 (previously called (Brain Factor 1) gene. Affected children are profoundly impacted as their brains cannot control their muscles, and kids are unable to walk, talk or do many things by themselves. While a profound diagnosis, the best thing about FoxG1 syndrome is that this is a monogenic disorder, the diagnosis has been able to pinpoint the exact gene that has the mutation and needs to be repaired. With phenomenal advances in medicine and technology, the hope of a gen therapy cure i stronger than ever, research has already started at UNSW and CMRI. While with massive advances at the larger institutions rare diseases still need grassroots support as no government grant or funding is available for specific rare diseases. The aim of FoxG1 foundation is to find a gene therapy cure for FoxG1 syndrome so that all children are able to walk run laugh and play like all children deserve and are meant to do. TOGETHER WE WILL FIND A CURE

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